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Oncology applications


Tumor specific mutations are detected using somatic calling to find the true differences between a germline and a tumor sample...

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Reference Migraton applications

Reference Migration

The enormous momentum in human genomics results in continuous new insights and development of techniques for genomic...

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Human Genetics applications

Human Genetics

The application of Whole Genome Sequencing within Human Genetics is steadily moving from research to clinic...

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Population Genetics applications

Population Genetics

Modern NGS platforms can produce tens of thousands genomes per year, enabling large-scale Population Genetics...

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Agrigenomics applications


Plant genomics can be easily referred to as ‘a very special breed’. This is caused by the size of the genomes...

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Rare Diseases applications

Rare Diseases

The use of Next Generation Sequencing in the field of rare diseases is all about finding rare candidate mutations...

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42Genetics Solution

42Genetics provides a modular high performance NGS secondary analysis solution.

Our solution creates a reliable bridge between NGS data streaming from the sequencer (FASTQ or unaligned BAM) to detailed genetic interpretation and reporting solutions.

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The benefits of 42Genetics solutions

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From FASTQ to VCF in less than 20 minutes.

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Highly accurate and precise alignment and variant calling.

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Ease of use

All-in-one solution simple workflow and flexible deployment.

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Twentyfold storage footprint reduction of aligned read files.

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